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I am represented by Jackie Kaiser and Chris Casuccio at Westwood Creative Artists in Toronto.

3 responses to “Contact

  1. Love your blog!! I’m the author of a VERY TRADITIONAL Italian cookbook – my mother’s recipes, mostly from the Abruzzo region in central Italy. And a serious cook! You can have a look at my recipes at
    Let me know what you think!!
    Silvia Luciani

  2. Elisha Walker

    I just finished your book, “The Lost Art of Feeding Kids” and I am so happy that it was introduced to me. My husband works for our public library in the Cincinnati area & he always brings home gems that I wouldn’t always think of choosing. I am a 38 year old woman who has struggled with obesity my whole life. My mother and other close family members have died due to complications from diabetes and, unfortunately, I have the disease as well. Fortunately for me, I am blessed to have writers and real food advocates like yourself to look to for inspiration on how to turn things around & eat healthy, good food. My husband & I have a nearly 5 yr old boy & from his time in the womb, we have strived to make him the healthiest kid he can possibly be, encouraging him to try new fruits, veggies, and other foods every day. It has been very challenging at times, and there are many days when it is a full- on battle to shield him from the barrage of processed snacks, candy (every day is a holiday, it seems!), and junk that makes me feel totally overwhelmed and undermined. Reading your book opened my eyes wide & I intend to make major changes in the way I shop for and prepare our food. Where I live, there is a farmer’s market, but only in Summer through early Fall, so most of my groceries come from a major supermarket most of the time. I now feel more empowered to look harder for organic farms where I can know exactly where our food is coming from. Ok, I am writing too much!! I’m just so grateful for your insights & am optimistic that through more planning and organization, I will be able to provide a healthy and enjoyable life to my family in a way I never thought was possible before. Thank you so much.
    Elisha Walker
    Harrison, OH

  3. Anne, Germany

    Very few books about Italy deal with the cucina italiana AND kids. So I was extremly happy to read about your book, since we are going to move from Germany to Rome very soon. It seems that our little 3-year old son will be in paradise since he is a real food lover like his parents. My compliments about the book!

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